For too long the "trolls" under the bridge have dominated the politics in this great state. The government of this State of Michigan in no way reflects the values of this our great state of SUPERIORLAND! Yes, citizens I am renewing the call for secession from this state of Michigan. As citizens of Superiorland we understand that the Upper peninsula has a unique cultural heritage that is separate and distinct from those people that live under the bridge.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Corddry? You Sent Cordry!?

On Tuesday's "The Daily Show" Rob Corddry was sent to Detroit to report on the lay-offs at Ford. Corddry was introduced as the "Detroit/Upper Peninsula Correspondent". I personally have mixed feelings regarding this revelation. On the one hand, it's great for the UP to garner attention from a Peabody award winning news program. On the other hand, Corddry? How can you send a Red Soxs fan to Michigan. You see originally, the Red Sox were the Calumet "Red Jackets" but those hoity toity East Coast folks went and stole the team away from the state eventually to be called Superiorland. SISU takes great offense to this development.
Besides, wouldn't Samantha Bee be a more logical choice for an UP correspondent. Heck, all you coastal people think we're part of Canada anyway. Not to mention, she's kinda hot...for a non-Superiorlander/Canadian.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Should the future citizens of Superiorland boycott the Colbert Report
Colbert? Is that a type of cheese. As in cheese eaten by surrender monkies.
No.Differing opinions are a hallmark of Superiorland.
I ain't up for anything that don't have the word "beer" in it.

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On the Monday's (11/28/05) Colber Report. Stephen took a call from "Mustcard County, Michigan" The caller, obviously not a supporter of UP Secession, pointed out the missing Superiorland. Stephen then went on to back-hand our cause saying that "if it's not on my map, it must be Canada"

Update: On a recent Colbert report (week week of 12/1) Steven interviewed a congresswoman from somewhere outiside of troll central (Detroit). The map of the congressional districts and the map of Michigan included the Upper Peninsula as part of the 1st district. No word yet on how this move affects Mr. Colbert's position on UP secession.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What should be the Superiorland State Colors?
Yellow and Black
Green and Yellow
Green and Black
White (for snow)

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Announcement: Copper beats out Seaborgium to become Superiorland State Mineral!

(Yooper In Exile, MI 11/15/2005)
To honor the opening of deer hunting season in Michigan, SISU (Supporters of Independence for SUperiorland) announced that Copper will be named the state mineral of Superiorland once independence has been acheived.
"Copper is already part of the culture history of Superiorland; it was a natural choice" said SISU in a statement Tuesday morning.
Copper beat out Seaborgium ( a radioactive element and the only element to be named for the discoveree, a Superiorland native) by a vote of 11 to 1, hosted on SISU's website.
"SISU is very happy with the choice of copper to be the future state's mineral" said a spokesperson for SISU.
"Afterall, Seaborgium is radioactive and not actually found in nature. It would be kinda hokey to just paint rocks purple and call it Seaborgium. On the other hand, we can certainly sell copper nuggets and the like to tourists. Heck, the infrastructure is already in place on roadside shops all over the Superiorland. As the state mineral, we can start charging a premium."

Copper (Cu) also beat out "Favre" and "The Rock (Dwayne Johnson)" to become state mineral, most likely due to royalty concerns.

Q & A: S.S.U? S.T.U? Will Superiorland start a new university system?

Inevitably, MTU and NMU will need to be renamed. Michigan Technological University will become Superiorland Technological University, likewise Northern Michigan University, no longer quite so northern will become Superiorland State University. LSSU will remain Lake Superior State University.

Don't hate on SISU, it's just an idea. Superiorlanders can get together and discuss this after secession.

Q&A:Hold on. Won't this superhighway encourage development?

Now that Superiorland is another state altogether, we can start charging "Trolls" more money for the privelege of living here. People with existing residences can choose to move to Superiorland or face a stiff increase in property taxes. People who want to live in Superiorland year-round should be able to do so without having property values infalted by trolls and the like.

Q&A: What is this SuperHighway you speak of?

As the new 50th state (we support Hawaii's secession from the U.S) we will be entitled to a disproportional amount of federal highway monies. This will allow the building of a Super highway from near St.Ignace to Ironwood, running along where M-28 is located. Spurs will allow easy access to Escanaba and Marquette and from Marquett to Baraga and on to Houghton/Calumet. Most of the cost will be material and overhead as the labor will come from violators of our bottle deposit law. The highway will be 6 lanes of heated concrete and contain two lanes with no maximum speed but a minimum speed of 90 mph; these lanes will be open only in the summer months. A toll of $20 will be charged for access to these high speed lanes. High walls will be built on either side to prevent deer and other wildlife from entering the highway and right-of-ways will be tunneled out to allow wildilife to cross underneath.
It is SISU's belied that this highway will encourage enrollment at S.T.U. and S.S.U.

Q&A: Will Superiorland keep the $0.10 bottle deposit?

This is a good question and one that will surely be open to debate in the houses of the Superiorland legislature. I think that we should up the deposit to a quarter. Why? Because quarters are the most useful coin, that why. Also, it will pay for the security system used to catch out-of-staters (read "Trolls") that come to Superiorland thinking they'll make a buck. If they have no money, they can work it off picking up cans and bottles off the new super-highway between Ironwood and St.Ignace. If they're deer-hunting trolls, from sub-urban Detroit, they'll pay a moderate fine. We'lll give them a gift-certificate for a free pasty so they know their's no hard feelings. ( Afterall, for the time being tourism will still be a major part of the Superiorland economy.)

Monday, November 07, 2005

Proposed Capitol
A reader ask's "What city should be the Capital of Superiorland?" Local lore states that before Michigan became a state, Calumet was in the running next to Lansing. In addition to having the distinction of almost having been the seat of government (and therefore beginning the tyranny by which the Upper is ruled by the lower peninsula having no thought as to the well-being of the former), it is also home to the Michigan's oldest concrete. Other suggestions will be considered and, ultimately, citizens of Superiorland will hold a referendum on the matter, once statehood is acheived.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Q&A: State Beer?
A anonymous comment suggests that perhaps Keweenaw Brewing Company should be the official beer of Superiorland. This is a great suggestion, KBC beers are high quality and tasty. They also have one of the best bars in Houghton. I am also joyed by the presence of thier Pick-Axe Blonde Ale at EconoFoods, Pat's Foods and the like.
The decision to make Leinenkugels the official beer of the Superiorland is largely a politcal one. We need a beer that celebrates the unique character of Superiorland, but is not partial to any geographic region withing the future state. While I agree that KBC is without the finest brewery in the Keweenaw, other breweries deserve a fair shake. For example, Tahquamenon Falls Brewpub in Newberry, Lake Superior Brewpub in Grand Marais, and who can forget Hereford & Hops in Escanaba.
Superioland is a big place and here at SISU we're uniters , not dividers. Making Leinenkugels the official beer of Superiorland extends an olive branch to another overlooked part of the country: Northen Wisconsin. Like Superiorland, Northern Wisconsin is used by big city folks in as a vacation destination rather than a place with real people and a unique cultural heritage. It has been discussed in the past that perhaps Northern Wisconsin would secede from Wisconsin as the U.P. from Michigan to join us in this gran experiment. We don't want to impose on the fine people of Wisconsin, but it they want to join us, there's a spot at the table.

Also, Leine's is cheap, eh? It also has a universal appeal not unlike Miller or Bud, but with a unique character and charm that is familiar to Superiolanders.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Poll: State Mineral
What should be the Superiorland State Mineral?
"The Rock" Dwayne Johnson
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Q&A: "Superior" or "Superiorland"

Many readers have commented that original calls for secession called for the creation of a state called "Superior", not "Superiorland". The SISU (Support Independence for SUperiorland) movement recognizes that previous attempts at statehood have been made but also points out that these attemps were half-hearted and not really serious. To continue to advocate for "Superior" state would only marginalize the SISU movement.

SISU has a plan. A plan that will allow Superiorland to suceed where Superior did not. We will roll out this plan in stages and take public comment from fellow SISU members.

Q&A: Football

The site has launched to tremendous success. As one would expect, there are questions as to the form and function of this great new state. In these sections my research assistants and I will attempt to answer these questions.

Q: Will Superiorland have it's own NFL team.

A: To Superiorlanders, the question of NFL franchise allegiance is but one ember in the fire the fuels the desire for sovereignty. Currently, we are Michiganders and many assume that we are therefore Lions fans. Nothing could be further from the truth. The NFL in their great wisdom ,recognizing the cultural similarities between Northern Wisconsin and Superiorland, has deemed this region Packer Territory. I for one would die for the Pac. In fact, when Brett's father passed away thousands of Superiorlanders offered to either adopt Favre, or donate their father to the greatest athlete of all time. God Bless the Pac.

Letter to "The Colbert Report"

Mr.Colbert, I noticed on your map of congressional districts that the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is excluded. I can only infer through this omission that you support secession of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and the creation of Superiorland. Thank you for having the sisu to take such a bold stand; your support will help our cause greatly. While “The Colbert Report” projects an air of maturity well beyond your 12 episodes, it might be worthwhile to point out during your spotlight on congressional districts that the Superiorland movement in no way supports secession from this great nation of the United States of America. As your great moral divining rod has no doubt indicated, the citizens of Superiorland seek only to be recognized for their unique culture and REAL American values. Not those of Hollywood liberal-elite transplants in Chelsea, ivory-tower academics in Ann Arbor, the union bosses in Detroit or their lackeys in Lansing. Grand Rapids is OK, but they suffer from unfortunate geographic placement. Regardless, as an activist for this cause I feel our message cannot be ambiguous: Statehood for Superiorland!